Know Your ATS

AUGUST 23,2021   |   5 MIN READ

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or a Recruitment Management System is an integral component of a new-age RPO solution. The ATS not only streamlines and automates the recruitment process from demand creation and allocation to sourcing, selection and onboarding; but it also has the capability to provide real-time recruitment analytics. Let’s look at how the ATS will simplify and optimise each step of the recruitment process.

Demand Management:

The ATS acts as an efficient aggregator of all manpower requisitions, creating, storing and allocating all demands centrally, eliminating data scatter and instances of duplication. The ATS also makes it easier to keep real-time track of the progress of all demands, put demands on hold or close them as required and measure aging of demands.

Candidate Sourcing:

The ATS acts as a strong sourcing engine that operates 24/7, parsing and mapping candidate profiles to open demands, while building a solid internal candidate database. External job boards and social media can be integrated into the ATS, so the recruiters can log in to the job portals through the ATS, which means the profiles sourced by recruiters will automatically be parsed for a particular open requirement and will get stored into the internal database. Integrating an AI/ML module into the ATS allows the system to learn from the recruiters’ shortlisting pattern and in future automatically rank and recommend similar profiles.

Screening and Assessments:

Profiles added to the requirement can then be screened by having psychometric/aptitude/skill-check assessment to filter quality profiles to be shortlisted for interviews. These profiles will be readily available to be mapped for future requirements as they are pre-assessed and more likely to get selected.

Interview Management:

The ATS brings in the best practice to centrally create and schedule interviews and manage the candidate line-up systematically, without the recruiters having to track interviews using emails and excel sheets. Candidates can

Offer Management:

With an integrated offer management module in the ATS, recruiters no longer need to create and roll out offers manually via email. The ATS will automatically generate templated offers and release them to selected candidates with a just button click. Upon offer release, push notifications can be sent to the candidate to probe their acknowledgement/acceptance.


Collecting candidate documentation for onboarding is no longer a tedious and paper-heavy process. The digital onboarding module within the ATS enables us to collect and store the candidate documents and personal data onto a central database, which will simplify and automate Aadhaar verification, KYC and Background verification. Furthermore, a basic induction kit can also be offered to the candidate that gives initial orientation as to the company’s policies, processes, etc.

Recruitment Analytics:

The ATS will provide comprehensible recruitment metrics and generate insightful reports that help answer some crucial questions, such as:

  • Which job boards or sourcing channels are best for sourcing talent for certain requirements?
  • How strong is the recruiter’s profiling pattern? How many relevant profiles are shortlisted against those that do not get through the selection stage?
  • Which teams are using the ATS and who are not following process protocol?
  • What is the rate at which shortlisted candidates get onboarded (Shortlisted vs. Onboarded ratio)?
  • How many candidates drop out after being given an offer and what is the predominant reason setting off this trend?

Today, the employment space has become highly competitive and there is a pressing need for every organisation to hire top talent before their competitors do. An ATS integrated with AI/ML and BI engine helps to optimise the recruitment process, empowers the recruitment teams to develop an agile, automated people process and prevents them from being pushed to the edge by competition and the dynamically changing HR landscape.

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